The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) provides social, welfare and care services to Jewish victims of Nazi oppression living in Great Britain

Founded in 1941, The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) is the leading national charitable organisation exclusively delivering social, welfare, volunteer services and assistance on welfare rights as well as on Holocaust reparations to Jewish victims of Nazi oppression living in Great Britain.

The AJR is also the largest supporter of Holocaust educational programmes, projects and initiatives to commemorate the Holocaust in the UK. Membership of the AJR is extended to all Jewish victims of Nazi oppression and their spouses and we also welcome as members the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and refugees, the Second and Third Generations. Alongside the support provided by our social services department, the AJR has a nationwide network of regional groups offering members a unique opportunity to socialise and enjoy entertainment in their local area.

The AJR has produced the ground-breaking audio-visual testimony archive, Refugee Voices. This collection of over 250 filmed interviews creates a legacy of the experiences of the refugees and will advance and enhance Holocaust research for future generations. For the first time, researchers will also be assisted by time-codes that, together with a summary sheet and key words section, direct users to specific sections of the films. Further details are at www.refugeevoices.co.uk

For more details about AJR, please visit: https://ajr.org.uk/