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Beit Halochem

Beit Halochem, was established in order to look after wounded Israeli veterans and civilian victims of terror attacks. Today, the 51,000 Beit Halochem members are given a new lease of life at our four Rehabilitation centres based in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Beer Sheva. They remain members of the organisation for the rest of their lives. Beit Halochem UK is a national charity devoted to raising awareness and funds for the state of the art centres in Israel. These facilities provide a blend of exceptional services including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and chiropractic treatments conducted along-side social and specialised sport options, educational programmes and a vast range of creative activities. Each centre offers a wide choice of physical and social activities, housing an auditorium, multipurpose gymnasium, classrooms, fitness rooms, occupational and physical therapy units, trauma therapy units, and a social wing.


Since the establishment of Beit Halochem UK in 2012, we are proud of the support that the charity has given to the injured veterans, victims of terror and their families. With the inscribable backing of our donors, we have raised more than £26 million.

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