1 in 6 couples experience infertility and couples in the Jewish community are no different.   

Can you imagine a world where one of the most natural things is denied to you?


One in every six couples in the Jewish Community can.


They are living with infertility – it is a disability you cannot see and it breaks lives, destroys relationships and decimates communities.


Our children are our future and at Chana, we have been helping couples with a way forward in their infertility journey since 1996.


To date, 755 babies have been born – many of whom are now in schools, universities and even married and thinking about their own families.


Today, there are thousands of couples who are contemplating their future without children and we want to be there to help them find their solutions. Everyone is different and infertility is not a “one pill cures all” problem.


Last year we partially funded medical treatments for 106 couples as well as providing over 7,000 hours of counselling. With the cuts to NHS funding expected in 2020 and beyond, we will see these numbers rise sharply where we will have to raise an additional £250,000 to meet the mounting needs of our community – or £20,000 every month of 2020.


Chana provides a confidential Helpline, manned by qualified therapists, specialist medical support and information, individual and couple counselling, and runs events throughout the year such as webinars raising awareness and highlighting medical information. All backed by an expert Medical Advisory Panel, sensitive to the needs of the Jewish community.


Your commitment to us is a commitment to our community.


With your help we can bring more lives into the Jewish community, make more new families, make more memories, make more parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. 


“Chana is not about saving lives; it is about making them”


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