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A child enters care every 15 minutes in the UK.
1 out of 11 children in care will experience 3 or home moves in one year.
That’s a lot of transitions and a lot of ch
ances to show children they and their belongings are worth more than trash.
So why do 80% of children still report moving with bin bags? (NYAS)

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Comfort Cases UK has a vision of ending this practice by giving children a backpack filled with items centred around their needs and showing them that they are loved and respected, A comfort case.  
Each bag is packed with a new cosy new pair of pyjamas, a stuffed toy to hug, a new toothbrush, and a reading book as well as other personal care items for their first few nights with a new family. 
For the 11,000 young people who leave care each year, we also offer XL Comfort Duffel bags, 32 litre flat pack bags so they can move forwards into independence with dignity.

We work directly with Local Authority Partners in Safeguarding, Fostering, Asylum Seeking and Leaving, as well as private agencies and residential care homes, the Police, NHS and other charity partners.

“Young people do not choose to be moved from pillar to post, choose a life of care, and are often victims of our circumstances. The sense of worthiness starts with what you may see as the little things. In these transactional moments we have the opportunity to show young people that they are our priority, that they matter and that we have thought about them. When a young person is met with a bin bags, we are showing them that we haven’t considered them, thought about their experience or heir perspective," Mary-Anne Hodd, (Connecting Lived Experience and Psychology) #nomorebinbags

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