Gesher School

Gesher is an independent primary school providing a learning environment for children with Special Educational Needs, that include language, communication and social pragmatic difficulties. Gesher has a specialism in autism spectrum challenges   The school opened its doors in September 2017 and has seen its number of pupils rapidly grow.  

Many Gesher children joined having been previously misunderstood, anxious and even bullied. Today they are now feeling part of a community and making their first set of real friends, some of them having their first ever play dates. They are proud of who they are and are developing confidence in ways that we never expected. 

Daisy joined Gesher in November 2017 having missed out on an education for months as a result of no school believing they could meet her challenging needs.

Daisy is thriving at Gesher and this is largely due to the small class ratios, being taught by teachers who have had extensive training working with children with special needs. Alongside all of this, Daisy has hugely benefited from onsite Occupational Therapy, drama therapy and speech therapy.

Daisy couldn't be happier and it's thanks to Gesher she is meeting her full potential.


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