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RUN GIFT RUN!! GIFT's mission is to inspire the next generation to become givers through dynamic education, impactful volunteering and helping others.

GIFT runs hundreds of education sessions in schools and communities across London, Manchester and Jerusalem whilst facilitating a number of volunteering opportunities that are hugely beneficial to those disadvantaged in the community.

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Please run for GIFT at the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run 2023 and help GIFT continue our vital service for the community, helping hundreds of disadvantaged families receive vital food and volunteer support, inspiring thousands of hours of volunteering and acts of kindness and educating hundreds of school children to be the guardians of giving in our community.

In a typical year GIFT generates:


  • 25,800 acts of giving by school, university students and Young Professionals

  • 18,000 food support parcels distributed to over 1000 recipients

  • Providing over 9,900 hot meals and 19,100 food packages and other assistance to those in need, including isolated and elderly individuals, single parent families and others experiencing trauma and distress.

  • 23,000 individual items of food donated via the GIFT boxes and collections and thousands more through food drives

  • 27,720 attendances recorded at GIFT education sessions at over 100 venues

  • 38,360 hours of volunteering through various initiatives supporting those in the community in real need



For more info contact or 07949 031 805.

*with anonymous thanks to Kosher Deli and the London Board for Scechita.

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