Jewish Blind & Disabled

A diagnosis of disability can feel like a sentence to a life of dependence and consequent loss of self-worth. Jewish Blind & Disabled is the only Jewish charity dedicated to enabling people who have physical disabilities or impaired vision to live independently with the dignity and choice that are so easy for others to take for granted.  

One in five people in the UK face a shocking and life changing diagnosis of disability at some point in their lives, with someone going blind every hour, and this can happen at any age.

For 50 years, Jewish Blind & Disabled has been the only organisation in the Jewish community dedicated to enabling people in this position to maintain their much-prized independence, and with this their dignity and sense of self-worth.

Our specialist developments of mobility apartments, with support on site and on call 24/7, house people from the age of 18 upwards who have found themselves in this frightening situation. In addition to its physical impact, a diagnosis of disability also often leaves someone feeling isolated and lonely. But when they move into one of our buildings they don’t only move into their own apartment, they also become part of a warm and welcoming community with regular clubs and activities.

And for those struggling to cope in unsuitable accommodation out in the community, whether whilst on our waiting list or due to a desire to stay in their family home for as long as possible, we now have our Independent Living Advisory Service. This takes our unparalleled expertise to people in their own homes, making personalised recommendations that will enable people to live independently wherever this might be; and even funding specific aids if these would otherwise be unaffordable.


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