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Previously known as the JMC we have recently changed our name to better reflect the scope and nature of our work. 


The Jewish family is the heart and foundation of the Jewish community. But the Jewish family is subject to the same threats and challenges as any other, and many families find themselves breaking under the strain of crises, unexpected trials and even normal lifecycle events. Our counsellors work with all relevant members of the family unit to help those affected find a positive way forward without taking sides or attributing blame. Nowadays everyone can be affected by lifecycle events and external triggers that can threaten relationships and tear families apart.  

In addition to counselling individuals, couples and families, we are also planning courses to help people fully enjoy what might otherwise become a challenging lifecycle event, e.g. Getting Engaged, Becoming Parents, Living in a Blended Family, Dealing with Teenagers, Children Leaving Home etc.

All of our Counsellors are qualified in at least one of our areas of expertise – Individual, Couples or Family counselling. Between them they have experience addressing all the key triggers that can cause the breakdown of relationships, with our daily diary consisting of helping people who are grappling with contemporary issues such as addiction (drug, internet, gambling and pornography), mental health issues, communication issues and the inability of so many people to form and maintain stable relationships.  


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