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For over 70 years the Jewish Deaf Association has been our community’s specialist in hearing loss.


JDA is the only place in the Jewish community where Deaf and Deafblind sign language users can communicate with everyone, receive the support they need, and enjoy life together in a Jewish atmosphere.  JDA gives them that vital link to their culture and a sense of belonging they simply cannot get elsewhere.  


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Dcafe – our lively signing café – is run by an inspirational team of unemployed Deaf young people, providing a hub for the Deaf community while giving Deaf youngsters qualifications and transferable skills to become more employable.


At JDA, we support older Deaf and Deafblind people with dementia or illness as if they were our own family.  Our Support Workers take care of older people’s everyday needs, visit them regularly, accompany them to all their appointments, keep them in touch with their family, take them on outings and to JDA social activities, help with shopping and make sure they are following medical and dietary advice.  Without our one-to-one support, they would be in hospital or care far sooner than they need to be.  JDA enables them to stay healthy, safe and living happily in their own homes for as long as possible.  And, most importantly, we make them feel safe, secure, loved and a part of our family.


Of course, deafness doesn’t only affect older people.  90% of deaf babies are born to hearing families.  We support those families from the moment they discover their baby is deaf – and enable deaf children to flourish and lead amazing lives.


JDA is a small charity with big responsibilities – and a big heart!  It is only with the help of lovely people like you that we can give deaf people – young, old and everyone in between - the support they need, not just to cope in our hearing world, but to live their very best life.

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