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JLGB is a modern, thriving, exciting and innovative voluntary youth organisation and is a model of professional youth work in the 21st century.

JLGB aims to focus on the individual and to recognise and enhance every young person’s potential, building their character to develop their leadership, communication, organisation, initiative, resilience, confidence and creativity.


JLGB’s local weekly groups have skilled up and empowered Jewish young people across the UK, giving them a wide range of new skills while honing their unique abilities to enable them to achieve in the future.

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On a national level, JLGB’s ‘eVOLve - youth volunteering & skills initiative’, continues to remove barriers so that all Jewish young people can participate in programmes and national volunteering awards recognised by universities and future employers, such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and National Citizen Service, without compromising on religious practice.

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