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Jnetics is unique, we are the only cross-communal charity in the UK that exists with the simple aim to diagnose and prevent Jewish genetic disorders from the Jewish community.


We focus on genetic conditions that, though not exclusively Jewish, are of higher prevalence to people of Jewish ancestry.

Our mission is to prevent new cases of these devastating, yet wholly preventable, disorders within the Jewish community by providing education and accessible carrier screening to all young Jewish adults.

Our programme offers access to responsible and subsidised genetic screening options to Year 12 pupils in nine mainstream Jewish schools and at university via Jnetics on Campus.

We also fund the NHS to employ a genetic counsellor to run a clinic three times a month, for young people who would like to be screened as part of their family planning.

Our hope is that no parent should ever have to endure the heartache of having a child born with one of these truly devastating, yet wholly preventable, recessive Jewish genetic disorders.

We are delighted to be working closely with NHS England to engage the community about testing for the faulty BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes which will be available to anyone with at least 1 Jewish grandparent over the age of 18 later this year.

Jnetics are entirely reliant on donations from the community to ensure that we can continue our lifesaving and life-changing work.

To find out more about the Jnetics clinic please visit

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