Jnetics is the only charity in the UK that works to improve the prevention and management of severe, life-threatening Jewish genetic disorders.

Did you know that 1 in 5 Ashkenazi Jews are a carrier of at least one severe, recessive Jewish genetic disorder (JGD)?

Jnetics aim is to eradicate the most severe, recessive JGDs from the UK Jewish community. These conditions, frequently found in those with Ashkenazi Jewish origin, are extremely debilitating and often life shortening. Although there is no known cure for these disorders, they are completely preventable through carrier screening.

With a simple saliva sample, screening can identify if a person is at risk of passing on one of these severe, recessive JGD. This enables them to manage that risk and, in turn, have healthy children.

Jnetics, in partnership with the NHS, offers carrier screening for 9 of the most severe JGDs, including Tay-Sachs and Cystic Fibrosis. Screening is available to anyone aged 16+, with at least 1 Ashkenazi Jewish grandparent via the Jnetics Clinic based at Barnet Hospital or through the GENEius programme.

Launched in 2017, 'GENEius' targets the young Jewish community; Year 12 students, university students, and young professionals and couples going through the synagogue pre-marriage process. This pioneering education and screening initiative not only educates participants about JGDs and the importance of screening, but also offers them the opportunity to take part in accessible and responsible carrier screening.

In addition, Jnetics is involved in community awareness-raising by providing the best available information, services and support for hereditary cancers including BRCA.

To find out more about the GENEius Program, visit www.geneius.org or for more details about the Barnet Clinic, visit www.jnetics.org/screening.