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Jteen is a non-profit, volunteer led organization committed to helping Jewish teens get the emotional well-being support they need. 


Through its programmes - Jteen Support and Jteen Prevent, JTeen helps teenagers deal with real life problems that they face. .


There are often situations when a young person has no one to turn to or just doesn’t want anyone to know what they are going through.  Jteen Support provides a phone and text line where teens can reach out totally anonymously.  Jteen Support is a vital and trusted resource for our community's teenagers.


Our volunteer counsellors and therapists are ready to provide non-judgemental support and empowerment for Jewish adolescents going through any emotional challenges, and if necessary, refer them on to the appropriate organisations.


Through Jteen Prevent, Jteen provides programmes for teenagers, teachers and parents to prevent those challenges arising in the first place and to provide those living and working with teenagers with a greater understanding of the challenges teenagers face today.

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