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The London Jewish Health Partnership (LJHP) aims to bring together key health Partners with Jewish organisations and representatives to support strategic thinking and solutions around the main health issues that matter to the Jewish community in London. The aim is for a co-production approach on health issues, with the LJHP supporting the links into the community. The Partnership brings together good practice;  supports decision making at the interface of health and Judaism; is a platform for sharing resources within and beyond London; enables research opportunities; and provides a forum to address key health issues and reduce inequalities for the different Jewish communities across the capital. LJHP is a project of the London Jewish Forum and the NHS Legacy and Health Equity Partnership (LHEP) focused on closing the equity gap in vaccines, screening, and access to good health and wellbeing. LJHP is pleased to be a partner of the Maccabi Fun Run, to support the health of the Jewish Community at this event and beyond. 

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