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A free service across the entire spectrum of the Jewish community.

The everyday burden of dealing with the practicalities of your household paperwork and bureaucracy can become intolerable in a time of crisis.

When you are feeling isolated, stressed and vulnerable, and you just can’t cope, the simplest of administrative tasks feel insurmountable and the daily practicalities take a back seat; often leading to unwelcome, additional pressure and intrusion in what can feel a bureaucratic and impersonal world.

The Paperweight Trust was launched in 2010 to provide practical guidance and support to those in crisis in the Jewish Community. Paperweight helps those who are struggling, many with multiple and complex issues, including applying for welfare and benefits, family breakdown, debt and financial issues, and trying to cope with the fall-out from physical and mental health, abuse and the unwelcome pressures of old age.

The service we offer is cross-communal, offering services in-person across London, Manchester and Gateshead, and anywhere in the UK over Zoom. Our clients range in age from their 20s to their 90s and all have found themselves in circumstances beyond their control and unable to cope with life’s daily ups and downs, particularly where organising their domestic affairs is concerned.

In 2021 alone, Paperweight dealt with over three thousand separate case issues, accounting for more than 50,000 volunteering hours. It can only undertake this life-changing work through its dedicated caseworkers. They utterly and selflessly give of themselves, because they realise that their time, expertise and compassion changes lives for the better.


Contact us today on 0330 174 4300 or email and we will talk you through everything you need to know.

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