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The Together Plan

The Together Plan works with communities in the former Soviet Union countries through the lens of Jewish cultural heritage and education, with a current focus on Jewish Belarus. 


It is our vision that Belarus's seven hundred years of Jewish history will ultimately be acknowledged globally, and Belarusian Jews and non-Jews will feel empowered to participate in citizen-led programmes that will bring this history into focus. In this way, self-sustaining projects will ultimately help Belarusian Jewish communities to gain recognition and thrive. 


How do we do what we do? 


By building a Jewish cultural heritage route in Belarus -  a citizen led civil society initiative

By translating and publishing books that would otherwise have been lost and forgotten

By educating and bringing the story of the Soviet Jews killed in the Holocaust into focus

By connecting Jewish people all over the world to their ancestry

By sending humanitarian aid and resources to the country

By empowering the next generation to take an active role


As a member of the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Heritage and Culture we are working with heritage practitioners across Europe to build the European Route of Jewish Heritage, which is one of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. 

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