The Together Plan

The Together Plan is a UK charity dedicated to the rehabilitation, repair and revival of Jewish communities coming out of collective trauma in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. A charity that is enabling, rather than providing, through a self-help approach.

The Brest-Litovsk Jewish cemetery has a harrowing history. In present day Belarus, it cannot be seen, it has no markers and no-one would know that it ever existed.

However, in the last 15 years, gravestones that once stood in the cemetery have been surfacing all over the region. There are now approximately 1500 reclaimed gravestones, some broken and some intact. We are campaigning to raise funds to create a memorial using the reclaimed headstones. It is vital that we preserve the past, to create a symbol of hope for future generations.

After the devastation of the Holocaust and the 50 subsequent years of communism, The Together Plan (TTP) supports Jews in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe yearning to re-discover Jewish life by promoting Jewish education and helping to revive Jewish traditions. Reconnecting with a shared identity and heritage, unites, empowers and offers direction to communities and their leaders. This has led to the initiative to create community dialogue around heritage and identity and is the foundation of an exciting new program in partnership with AEPJ Jewish Heritage to build a Jewish cultural heritage trail through Belarus.

The Brest-Litovsk memorial will feature along the route and help visitors to discover Brest’s rich Jewish heritage. It will also guide people to the contemporary Belarusian Jewish communities of today.

This year we are raising funds for the Brest-Litovsk Jewish Cemetery Memorial. Putting Jewish Belarus back on the world map.


The Together Plan:

-          trains communities and their leaders to conceive, plan and run activities & events and pass on their skills to others.


-           takes advantage of our shared history to unite and engage community members.


-           collects, sorts and sends humanitarian aid to communities in need, through their aid and mutual assistance project, Aid Together


-          builds close relationships with the communities with which they work to understand their unique needs and help them to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations around the world.



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